Hot end and Cold end coating equipment

Central Feeding Unit

The CFU is a fully automated central feeding system. This completely new developed CFU is an extremely reliable, but above all, a safe system for dosing your chemical. 1 storage tank with 500 liter capacity.

  • 8 hole positions in the tank. (Multiple holes possible for an additional charge).
  • 1 self-priming main pump which is controlled fully automatically and takes care of filling the CFU tank with  MBTC from the IBC.
  • 6 complete plug and play basic connections/ positions for the membrane pumps or SE pumps, including 6 sockets and 6 connector boxes. (Expansion is possible at an additional cost).
  • 1 reserve position for a membrane pump that can constantly run as a back-up and in case of a malfunction immediately take over one line by converting the 3-way valve. No assembly work is required at that moment and therefore no production loss on the line.
  • 2 large drip trays which can collect 1200 liters each.
  • 1 extra drip box where the CFU will be placed into for stability and safety.
  • 1 visual system for indication of the chemical level in the CFU, without actually the presence of MBTC outside the CFU.
  • 4 digital level sensors, High high, high, low and low low. Removable and interchangeable.
  • 1 digital leak sensor with an extra bypass which runs in the case of an overflow directly to the 1200 liter drip tray.
  • 1 x controller with an 7 '' inch touch screen which provides all settings that could be entered or read. Like the consumption per line, language choice, etc. etc.
  • 1 x Controller standard

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